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Enter the Dragon

previously published in issue 15 of WitchCraft magazine

Being High Priestess of a Coven of fledgling Witches is challenging, rewarding, and lately, far from boring! On the one hand Rowena’s “gypsy van” has been broken into, and on the other, between her lovers and her little twin boys, Beatrice has been going through an emotional riptide.

Over the past year of training with me, 30 year old Bea has also been experiencing what is called “Kundalini-rising”. This transformative process usually occurs in the astrological cycles we all experience at ages 42 and 50, but it can also happen spontaneously, as sudden as a lightning storm. Both sexual and spiritual, this Life -force flows from spirit into matter, down through the energy centres (chakras) along the spine, from the Crown chakra at the top of the head to the Base chakra located at the coccyx. Any mental-emotional states we may have that limit our ability to bring our brilliant Spirit into the material world, are usually stored in certain chakras. (See Ted Andrews’ book: “How to heal with Colour” and Barbara Hand Clow’s “Liquid Light of Sex”)

The Kundalini is the Earth -energy of the body which usually sleeps at the base of the spine, known in Yoga as Serpent Power and in Druid lore, as the Dragon’s Breath. When this illuminating energy starts to wake and move upwards, it “burns” through these blocks. This can cause physical symptoms of shaking, tingling, itching, heat and cold, and muscle spasms. Perceptions of inner lights and sounds are common, also the opening of healing energies through the heart, felt as heat flowing into the hands and feet. Early or past life trauma-memories are often triggered from the deep unconscious, which can cause panic attacks, depression and suicidal feelings.

My many years’ experience in counselling and energy -healing have been fully drawn upon, as Bea has pretty well run the gamut of possible symptoms, including periods of intense spaciness, successive, almost uncontrollable personality changes, and “shutting down” to the point of not being able to think or talk. Anyone taking on the role of High Priestess, training others in techniques of bringing through the Power, must be prepared to handle this kind of spiritual/psychic emergency. By increasing her physical grounding through natural therapies, acupuncture and dance, and also using breathing and meditation techniques, Bea has become much more centred.

*     *     *

While the symptoms have not entirely abated, it is a tribute to her strength of spirit that she has not fallen into the clutches of the white coat brigade! When Bea came to me, she had magickal abilities just tumbling out of her, making for a very rich and exciting life, but without the preparation to handle such high -frequency energies, it has also been rather harrowing. Being forced to cover magickal techniques that I would normally reserve for more advanced training, with Bea I find myself teaching two levels at once, which makes her pretty amazing to work with.

Meanwhile, back at Rowena’s van, we had to organize some quick remedial “Theatrical Kitchen Witchery”. Home (or Gypsy van) invasion is not unlike rape trauma, so to settle the immediate aftermath of a ruptured auric field, we first gathered up the jumbled remains of Rowie’s picturesque clothes and treasures, and throwing a quick Salt and Water Circle round them, we whirled about, stomping, yelling and raging about all the things that were missing. After some friends decided to join in, it turned into a very good cathartic exorcism of negative energies, as we all ended up laughing ourselves into an invertebrate heap.

Next, I recommended she use a spray bottle of Cider Vinegar on herself in the shower over the next week, to clear toxins from her aura. Due to certain metals present in the plant, you can also use clear Henna Wax on your hair whenever you need to transform any undesirable “head energies” and release them out of your energy field. It has a very strong poultice-like effect, so don’t leave it on your hair for longer than 30 minutes, or you will start to feel agitated and irritable!

I also prescribed some Writing Magick, which involved Rowie composing a letter to the unknown perpetrators, first of all expressing her negative feelings toward them, and then taking the positive, forgiving stance, even thanking them for whatever lesson she thought she might be learning through the whole experience.

The second part of this exercise involved crossing out “Dear Criminals,” and replacing it with “Dear Rowie”, and then  changing “Yours sincerely, Rowena” to “Yours sincerely, Your Divine Higher Self”. When you read such an event as an urgent message from your Inner Greater Nature, the unconscious pattern you perceive behind it can be a real eye-opener. If you take responsibility (not blame) for the reality you have unconsciously created, you empower yourself magickally to “wake up in the Dream” and create your experiences consciously.

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